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People visit, gather and transit through public spaces worldwide every day. Large groups of people or a lone individual walking, day or night, through a public place require easy access to help if required. Similarly, organisations responsible for public safety need trouble-free mass communication options, providing message distribution to large and busy crowds in the case of an emergency.

The system features easy-to operate intercom and/or help point units that allow callers direct voice and/or video calling to a central control location providing help or assistance. Users can also access location, transport or tourism services via the intercom station’s information calling button. The IP Nerves Public Safety IP Communication System has the capability of broadcasting live or pre-recorded verbal announcements and warning alarms or tones to one, multiple or all PA zones.

With seamless integration into third party systems and devices such as access control systems, CCTV cameras and building and security management systems, the IP Nerves IP Communication System can comprehensively provide safety and security to the masses in virtually any public space.



Shopping malls continue to grow in size, while helping boost the economy, provide convenience to consumers and opportunities to business owners. In order to keep business thriving, management of malls need to ensure consumers and business owners feel safe and secure within shopping precincts. IP Nerves offers a IP communication which offers security and peace of mind in public spaces through Public Address (PA) system, intercoms, emergency help point units, LED message displays and integration into third party devices such as CCTV, access control and building and security management systems.


Parks help to build communities and relationships while providing venues for picnics, barbeques, group fitness sessions, individual fitness development, dog walking and events. With safety and security becoming a growing concern within society, it is it essential for city councils and private park owners to provide adequate security systems. IP Nerves offers a IP communication system which can ensure park users are comforted and assured knowing there is safety and security for their loved ones and pets when in park environments. The communication’s system offers Public Address (PA) systems, intercoms, help and information points and integration with third party devices such as CCTV, access control and building and security management systems.


IP Nerves offers a Car Park Communications package which feature help point units, public address and intercom stations installed in ticketing machines, boom gate bollards and other specific points throughout the car park. Car park customers can feel safe walking to their cars at night after working late in the office and assured that if they’ve accidently locked their keys in the car or have issues with ticketing; there will always be quick and easy access to help and assistance.


The IP Nerves disabled toilet intercom solution is designed to provide a convenient and reliable emergency call point for those using a disabled bathroom.



Ability for multi sites (parks, carparks, malls) to be controlled from a central management center. Sites can be linked via Wide Area Network (WAN).


Configurable relay modules exist on intercom terminals and help point units to activate external equipment – control doors, boom gates, lights or signal CCTV camera presets.


Associate intercom calls with third party CCTV camera switching so that complete situation audio and video monitoring can occur, ensuring total public safety.


IP Nerves IP communication systems integrate via high level interface to a large number of industry recognised partners. Integration with building and security, CCTV, telephony and access control systems ensure a complete security solution.


SIP gateway allowing for intercom calls to be automatically transferred to external telephone systems or devices after hours ensuring calls for help and assistance are always answered.


IP Nerves IP public address system provides users with complete flexibility of system design and configuration ensuring total audio coverage across a site.


Let our helpful sales team assist in matching your project requirements to the features of our IP communication systems.