IP Wallmount Speaker


The 6W Cabinet/Wallmount loudspeaker are intended for the good speech intelligibility and background music reproduction in general purpose indoor applications like restaurants, shops, offices and school.

Security Systems
  • Good speech intelligibility and background music reproduction
  • Finished in black or white
  • MDF Construction
  • Available with or without integral volume Control
  • Complies with international installation and safety regulations.
Rated Power 6W
Maximum Power 9W
Effective Frequency Range 180 Hz to 29 KHz (-10dB)
Opening Angle(at KHz/ 4 KHz, -6 dB) 165º/95º
Rated Input Voltage 100V
Rated Impedance 1667 ohm
Ambient Temperature -15º to +55º C
Dimensions Size (H*W*D): 10*6*4.5 inch
Colour Black Finish or Wooden Finish
Weight 1.5kg


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