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What is an ip speaker?

IP Speaker is a type of IP Audio System PA speaker. The TCP/IP protocol is used in the IP Audio System. It sends audio and control signals through a network wire. It saves cable laying and makes zone configuration easier because it uses the building's existing network system.

IP Network takes the advantage of the existing LAN/WAN/MAN/VPN , which can help speed up the construction, save cable laying, and combine different networks together.

Compared to traditional PA systems, the IP network system is more flexible and can transmit farther.

How does an IP speaker work?

network switch is used to power IP powered speakers.

Built-in amplifiers are included in the speakers. Because they use PoE, they don't require any additional power connections. Simply connect the speaker to your router's network switch.

The paging programme can address each speaker independently. A page can be dedicated to a single speaker, a group of speakers, or the entire network of speakers. These IP powered speakers are simple to set up and offer a lot of versatility.

Sound Level of PoE Speakers
The IP powered speakers are capable of producing a large amount of sound. A wall speaker, for example, may reach a maximum volume of 99 dB from a distance of one metre. This is the decibel level produced by a lawnmower or jackhammer. As the distance between you and the speaker grows, the volume of the sound decreases. The paging sound level in a classroom should be less than 70 dB. (as long as the students are not all yelling). You can lower the volume level by lowering the speaker's power.

A separate amplifier is frequently required for outdoor applications. By utilising greater power IP amplifiers, the sound level can be considerably boosted. Higher-quality speakers will allow you to project sound over a broader area.

Audio Chart
Sound levels of more than 85 decibels (dB) can be dangerous. The risk is proportional to how close you are to the speaker and how often you are exposed to this volume. Extremely loud speakers are frequently installed high up on a pole or in the ceiling.

Digitised Sound
Digital code is created by converting sound from a microphone connected to your computer. The compressed digitised audio is then sent over the network to any chosen IP speaker. The transport protocol and bandwidth determine the sort of encoding and compression used.

Sound Quality of Powered Speakers The speaker and the digitised audio bandwidth have an impact on sound quality. Many IP systems have a transport bandwidth of 64 kilobits per second or greater. Because these IP paging systems assume

we're making voice announcements rather than playing music, the frequency ranges are tuned to match the sound quality of voice announcements. You can also improve the sound quality of the background music. A network-attached audio device (IP7) is employed in this scenario to inject music audio at up to 176 Kbps. The IP wall speaker from Digital Acoustics, for example, produces a very clear, high-quality sound with a frequency range of 65 Hz to 17 kHz.

Software for IP Speakers You can use your computer or a VoIP phone to make an announcement. Digital Acoustics' IPNerves wifi PA App is one example. You can use this software to make announcements from one or more computers. You can choose any speaker or group of speakers to make an announcement using the software. You can communicate with a single classroom, a single building, or the entire network.

Speakers Associated with IP Cameras

An IP camera system can be used with powered speakers. You can utilise a network-attached speaker or a speaker connected to an IP camera's audio output.

People can be alerted to move away from a patrolled area by using a network-attached speaker placed near an IP camera. You can even scream at your dog if you want to.

You can specify a certain speaker on the network using paging software like IPNerves wifi PA. You have the ability to create highly customised notifications. Some IP speakers, such as IP Nerves', are exclusively compatible with their video management software.

Speakers Attached to IP Camera

Speakers can also be linked to an IP camera's audio output. These are powered speakers, therefore the amplifier will need to be powered separately.

IP PA solutions buy IPNerves are designed with the user in mind. They provide an easy-to-use, yet highly innovative way of transmitting security-relevant information. This is because IP speakers by IPNerves are not just a ‘speakers’, but also ‘active listeners’ and ‘diligent assistants’ when it comes to reliable ambient communication.

  • Networked via IP
  • Loudspeakers can be addressed and configured individually
  • No need for central amplifiers
  • Straightforward organisation of loudspeakers into groups and sections without the need for hardware changes or extra wiring

IPNerves Software Features

  • Scheduled Announcement
  • Streaming Media Music
  • SIP Trunking

  • Automatic Announcement
  • Paging Beep
  • SIP Paging
  • Recording Emergency Announcement
  • Voice Intercom Conference Recording
  • Voice Intercom Conference Recording
  • Alarm Announcement
  • Video Intercom
  • Intercom Recording
  • Live Announcements/Paging
  • Call Forward Call Recording
  • Pre Recorded Message Announcement
  • Call Transfer System
  • Logs Text-to-Speech Paging
  • Call Logs
  • Zone-based Paging
  • Volume Control
  • Paging Group (Zone)
  • Multiple User
  • Background Music
  • Wakeup Call
  • Multisite Support
  • Audio Conferencing
  • In/Outbound Call Control
  • Device Fault Report
  • Do Not Disturb (DND)
  • Auto Receptionist (IVR)
  • Device Location Mark
  • Endpoints Status Monitoring
  • Customized IVR Prompts
  • Flexible with any customization
  • API Support
  • Centralized Management
  • Video Call

Powered IP speakers that are network-connected can be used for general paging announcements as well as notifications to a specific region. Because network-attached powered speakers connect directly to your network and don't require separate wiring to a central amplifier, they're simple to install. In any situation, contact our engineering consulting team for assistance in determining the best device combination.

To learn more about network-attached powered speakers, please contact us at 9871612485, or visit our website : www.ipnerves.com

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